Week 4 & 5 of my 52 week project

We’ve been super busy this pas two weeks, so I had to merge these weeks together to capture everything.  I attended a photography workshop where I learned to photograph posed newborns. My photography style has been lifestyle in concept, so there was definitely a learning curve for me and how I would incorporate these into my newborn sessions. The boys were sick for parts of week 4 and 5, so a lot of their photos are not happy ones. I have been sick this entire past 2 weeks. It seems Memphis weather and my sinuses are not cohabiting well.

Bennett Price seems to be terrorizing Grey and I… he only throws Grey’s favorite dragons, turns the TV off frequently, and takes off up the stairs any time I forgot to put up the gates. I found the new toothbrushes I purchased for the boys in the toilet this past week. BUT I must say that I love every single minute I have with these little ones. We have a lot of fun. This past week Grey was invited to a birthday party at a horse stable and it was a blast. They rode ponies, hit a piñata, and ate candy. What 3 and 4 year old doesn’t love that? Little brother was a bit upset that he wasn’t involved, but don’t think he didn’t find some dirt and horse poop to get into. I also photographed the boys this week on a white seamless backdrop, so that I could make them some Valentine cards. By looking at the photos you would think they were cooperative, BUT THEY WEREN’T! Today Greyson had parent teacher conference at his school, so Bennett Price went to Parent’s Day Out  and Grey and I had a date at a candy store. So fun! It was a great way to end our week.


February 2, 2014 - 5:34 am

Tim Jancelewicz - Great stuff E!! FYI that pic of me is right after he hit me in the lip with the handle of that whisk.

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